Can you imagine a future without race, gender, or class? Where people live together according to shared interests? In Ataraxia, explore a world where this is reality. Ice cream machines and genetic engineering coexist in the same space. Talk to people about their lives and the interesting behavior of the aquatic life. Leave a rainbow trail behind you. You have the freedom to explore.


Up, down, left, right


N - teleport

B - retrieve/throw teleporter

V - talk (dialogue option in development)


Joyce Lin - pixel art, animations

Jonathan Winters - coding

Kiana Smith - writing

Wesley Wu - coding, animations

music from Podington Bear

Made for ARTG: 129 Special Topics in Game Design: Speculative Futures, taught by Marcelo Viana Neto, at University of California, Santa Cruz

In development:

Bugs to fix

Dialogue to implement

Dancing animations feature to implement


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great job! looks good

thanks! :D