an experimental twine gayme about a tiny frog in a leather jacket vest living in a commune with other tiny animal friends after the rich have been defeated

this aims to be a cozy game, in that there's no way to fail and it's just like fun and expressing values and cuteifying communism in a similar vein to how animal crossing sometimes cuteifies capitalism.  in this way, tiny frog is expresses an ideal queer future past representation. 

i wanted to allow players to step into a vision of a better world that we could create together, one where rest, health, community, and expression are valued, and there is an abundance of food and goods shared amongst everyone. this is my vision of a queer utopia, as Jose Esteban Muñoz calls it.

tiny rainbow rebels was originally my undergrad capstone pitch but now its less tricks and fashion and more rest and cozy and hanging out with friends. the decapitalization of the text is very intentional. that said, this is a very experimental game, so pls be gentle with it. it was made for ARTG:129, queer & trans games class at UC Santa Cruz, awarded the Zeitgeist Award in the UCSC Games Showcase, and selected for inclusion in the GDC Summer 2020 Indie Games Showcase.

tip: i encourage you to click the back button to explore other choices because time isn't real and you can't make any mistakes here, live life to it's fullest peace out

motorcycle clip art from:

music from Podington Bear:

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