A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Round Yarn Ball wants to spend a fun day at the crafts store with their best friend 8-Shaped Skein. Their walk to the store is met with Needles, Scissors, and other pointy individuals harassing them. They also meet some friendly Threads on their journey. Play along to manage all the barriers they go through!


enter/space - confirm

arrows/WASD to move

Made in a week for Safe Spaces Now Game Jam, sponsored by Code Coven and UN Women UK.

Toto Lin - Character Artist & Animator

Cam - Designer and Programmer

Nyla Laurie - UI Designer and Environmental Artist

Becca Malcolm - Programmer

Hanine El Mir - Narrative Designer and Writer

Content warning: street harassment, fatphobia, fatshaming.


WindowsxX86.zip 33 MB
MacOS.app.zip 45 MB

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